Support Groups for those Living with Brain or Spinal Cord Injury

The purpose of a support group is to provide an environment in which members can share emotions and experiences and support one another for the mutual benefit of the total group. A successful support group is one in which the individual members feel emotionally supported, provide support to other members, receive information that helps them manage their situation, and develop ways to cope.

Groups vary widely in size and format. The most important aspects of the support group are confidentiality, mutual trust, understanding, involvement of members helping each other and getting the information and support they need.

Learn How to Start a Support Group

How to Start a Support Group How to Start a Support Group (98 KB)

Sage Outpatient Rehab SCI Support Group

SCI support group for survivors and caregivers

Led by physical therapy team and social workers. 

Typically last Tuesday of the month
12 - 1 pm
For more information, visit:

Touro PACT support group for SCI/paralysis

  • 1401 Foucher Street
    New Orleans LA 70115

Paralysis Action Coalition at Touro (PACT) is a support group for people with spinal cord injury and paralysis. Held at Touro Infirmary in the Medical Library M1030.
2nd Tuesday of the month
3:30 - 4: 30 pm
Contact for more information

Touro Support Groups for TBI

Touro Rehabilitation Center

Vera DeLuca: 504-897-8476 (TBI)
1st Tuesday of the month 3:30 PM  
M6  Conference Room 

West Jefferson Medical Center Stroke Support Group (WJMC)

To RSVP and for more information,
contact Ina Dragicevic: 504-349-2564