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Sponsor Spotlight - NRLC

Kimberly Hill - Friday, January 25, 2019

Please join us March 29-30, 2019 at our 12th Annual Conference …“EXPANDING POSSIBILITIES.” Professionals will have the opportunity to hear from an exciting line up of experts in the field of neurology, rehabilitation, brain trauma and spinal cord injury while earning up to 12 CEUs. Survivors will participate in hands on activities, socialize with others and hear motivational, helpful and inspiring messages during “Survivor Saturday.” Registration information, along with the schedule of events and location can be found at or 


A special thanks to one of our GOLD Sponsors,

Neurological Rehabilitation Living Centers


NRLC provides rehabilitation and supported living to individuals with brain injuries and other neurologic impairments.Picking up where acute rehabilitation ends we provide post-acute physical, cognitive and neurobehavioral rehabilitation in the community, rebuilding lives.Our programs provide comprehensive rehabilitation and support with a focus on self-growth through measurable goals.

There is a distinct feeling of “family” throughout NRLC. Residences are comfortable and feel like home.Our goal is to treat those we serve as a whole person in a supportive and therapeutic environment that builds motivation and a high sense of accomplishment.NRLC programs include neurobehavioral services, supervised independent living services, supported living, day program and evaluation services.

In October of 2017, NRLC in Covington, LA, joined the ReMed family of companies after many years of enjoying a collaborative and professional relationship.NRLC continues to focus on providing high quality, individualized treatment to the individuals served, while ReMed is able to provide management support.