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  • Keeps you informed and updated on all the events and resources that we have to offer on the local and state level, as well as on the national level through our affiliations with the Brain Injury Association of America and United Spinal Association.
  • Gives you more streamline access to a cohesive network of individuals who can be helpful AND whom you can help.
  • Allows you to more easily participate in advocacy efforts that affect you and your community, both on the national and local levels.
  • Gives you a more active voice for ongoing program development, support groups, and other grassroots/local community growth.*
  • By joining BIALA, you are also getting a FREE membership to United Spinal along with a free subscription to New Mobility Magazine.
  • Year-End Newsletter that provides a review of achievements and other news during the year.
  • Helps us attract funding support as membership grows, which benefits those impacted by brain and spinal cord injuries. 

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