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Friends & Corporate Friends
Leading Through Philanthropy

Our “Friends” program was created to help support the programs we offer that serve individuals living with brain and/or spinal cord injuries throughout Louisiana.

Through their collective commitment to philanthropy and giving back, our "Friends" help raise awareness for people with brain and spinal cord injuries, and inspire others to make a difference in the lives of these individuals.

Please join the movement, and see how together, BIALA and our “Friends” can put our passion to work to help improve the quality of life for individuals impacted by brain and/or spinal cord injuries.

For information on becoming a "Friend" or "Corporate Friend",

send email to:


Friends of BIALA

  • *Charles Abbott
  • Larry and Linda Abbott
  • Drs. Freddie and Randa AbiSamra
  • Glenda and Jim Barkate
  • Dr. Glenn and Karen Barnett
  • Susan and Bryan Burkenstock
  • *Donna Cavanaugh
  • *Janet Clark and Richard Nick
  • **Dr. Frank Culicchia
  • *Michael Frenzel and Ann Marie Marmande
  • Eugene and Eileen Gambel
  • *Paul and Megan Genco
  • Cinamon and Chip Higbee
  • Kimberly and Keith Hill
  • **Dr. Howard T. Katz
  • *Suzanne Lentz
  • Archie and Olivia Manning
  • *Nicole Marquez-Gravier    


  • Kathleen Mulvihill
  • *Cecile Picou
  • *Karen Roy
  • Dr. Jonathon and Adrienne Rynning
  • Drs. John and Kathleen Walsh Saer
  • Liz and Poco Sloss
  • Holly and Geoff Snodgrass
  • Margaret Stewart
  • Marianne VanMeter
  • Mona and Alan Vinturella
  • *Kathleen and Ben Waring
  • Dr. Patrick and Calais Waring
  • Peter Waring
  • Dr. Phyllis Dale Waring
  • William W. and Lexi Waring Jr.

*BIALA Board of Directors
**BIALA Advisory Board