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Life is all about connecting. To the world around us. To the people we love. To our true selves. But when the brain suffers an injury, those connections can be damaged. We risk losing connections to our past. Connections to who we are.

Just as your brain is a system of nerve cells that connects to the rest of your body, Culicchia Neurological is a network that connects your brain to great care. We didn’t get to be the leading trauma team by accident. Since 1961, our world-class team has been New Orleans’ connection to the future of neuro care.

As one of the largest neurological and neurosurgical practices in the New Orleans Gulf South region, the Culicchia team works to ensure that our brain injury patients receive the best possible outcome at West Jefferson Inpatient Rehab and Cobalt Rehab Hospital.

Our function is to improve yours. Call 504-340-6976 for an appointment or visit

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