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Attending a Connections Circle event and meeting new people and learning that I can still enjoy life even with my spinal cord injury was a blessing. I haven't picked up a bowling ball in 30 years, and today, when I did, my first bowl was a strike. This smile on my face won't go away.

Chris Alford

Individual with SCI

When I called the helpline, I was so happy to learn about the trust fund I could apply for. I had no clue about it but am glad I know now because living with a brain injury is expensive and hard. The lady I spoke with was so nice, took the time to answer all my questions, and made me laugh. She gave me some hope and that is pretty cool.

Harry Thomas

Individual with TBI

On a day that everything seemed to be going against me, I reached out for some help and was surprised that they actually were there to help me. My wheelchair was broken, and they were able to find a place to fix it for me. They educated me about the trust fund for people with spinal cord injuries and sent me an application. When I had questions about the application, I called back and was given the time and help needed to complete the application. They made me feel important so I am very thankful.

Robi Harsch

Individual with SCI