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BIALA Resource Guide for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

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College Consensus

 Nationwide
Nation Wide

Resources for college students with disabilities.


 Nationwide
Nation Wide

This guide is for everyone, whether you have a disability or know someone with a disability.

It’s also for people with disabilities who may want to work in healthcare.


 Nationwide
506 2nd Ave
(800) 203-5102

Our guide helps deaf and hard of hearing students learn about online accommodations colleges offer to comply with the American Disabilities Act, popular listening devices and applications, and scholarships. We also provide a list of the 5 best colleges for students with hearing disabilities as well as additional helpful resources.  

National Center for College Students with Disabilities

 Nationwide
Nation Wide

The only federally-funded national center in the U.S.for college and graduate students with any type of disability,chronic health condition, or mental or emotional illness.

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