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BIALA Resource Guide for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

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Benefit Finder

Nation Wide

Discover which benefits you may be eligible for.

Good RX

Nation Wide

Use GoodRx to find the price of your prescriptions at pharmacies in Louisiana and save up to 80% with our free coupons. Even if you have insurance or Medicare, GoodRx's discount prices are often lower than your co-pay.

Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs

Database of multiple national and state financial assistance programs; includes assistance in equipment.

Help, Hope, & Live

Nation Wide

Help Hope Live has been showing clients and their families how to bring people together in order to fundraise to help cover the cost of medical expenses that insurance won't cover. These efforts play a critical role in helping our clients recover and maintain their health and independence. Helps thousands of people raise millions of dollars for Help Hope Live to pay a wide range of expenses, including out-of-pocket costs for: medications, durable medical equipment, home health care, wheelchair-accessibility modifications, physical therapy, innovative treatments, medical travel and temporary relocation, even emergency living assistance.

Louisiana Disability Benefit Programs

, LA

Information on disability benefit programs, help paying bills, etc.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Nation Wide

Application for student aid for education

Louisiana Health Plan

, LA

Provides health insurance for individuals who cannot obtain health insurance coverage elsewhere due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Disability Benefits Center

Nation Wide

Information about applying for disability benefits with a traumatic brain injury and information about disability application process overall.

Need Help Paying Bills

Nation Wide

Resource for assistance in paying bills

Louisiana Economic Development Disability Initiative

Baton Rouge
, LA

LED strives to help businesses find the resources they need to make relocation and expansion a successful, profitable endeavor.

Victim Compensation Victim Assistance

Baton Rouge
, LA

The Louisiana Crime Victims Reparations Fund helps innocent victims and their families pay for the financial cost of crime when they have no other means of paying.

Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund

Baton Rouge
, LA

Trust fund for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries offered by the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Aging and Adult Services

Workers Compensation Office

Baton Rouge
, LA

Information about workman’s comp

Help with Your Utility Bills

, LA

Will assist in paying utility bills

Louisiana State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Office

Baton Rouge
, LA

The Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program (LaCHIP) provides health coverage to uninsured children up to age 19. It is a no-cost health program that pays for hospital care, doctor visits, prescription drugs, shots and more.

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

210 W. Division St. Syracuse, NY 13204
New York

Cerebral Palsy Guidance was created to provide answers and assistance to parents of children with cerebral palsy. Our goal is to reach as many members of the cerebral palsy community as possible, building up a network of support, as well as providing necessary assistance.

Permobil Cares

300 Duke Drive

"The Permobil Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by empowering strength and independence through community support, employee engagement and grant funding. We work in partnership with non-profit organizations and agencies to provide support and services so individuals can live a life without limitations.
Also provides scholarships to individuals with mobility difficulties and equipment."