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BIALA Resource Guide for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

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Accessibility Services Inc.

 Nationwide
6241 S. Tex Pt.

Our goal is to provide those in need the ability to control everyday items like their television, bed, telephone, and lights to name a few. We believe in personalized service and providing the best client experience.


 Nationwide
Nation Wide
800-211-9136 Option 2

Bioness is the leading provider of innovative technologies helping people regain mobility and independence. Bioness solutions include functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems, robotic systems and software based therapy programs providing functional and therapeutic benefits for individuals affected by central nervous system disorders and orthopedic injuries.


 Nationwide
Nation Wide

Bookshare is an ebook library that makes reading easier. People with reading barriers can customize their experience and read in ways that work for them.


 Nationwide

Posit Science helps people be at their best throughout their lives by providing brain-training exercises clinically proven to improve cognitive performance.

When it comes to brain training, each unique brain—and each unique lifestyle—requires something a little different. The BrainHQ exercises are designed to adapt to each person’s individual goals and needs. Plus, each exercise continuously adapts to your unique performance, so you train at the right level for you

Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS)

 Nationwide

Diagnostic imaging services


 Nationwide
10363 Democracy Lane

Our passion to help individuals communicate and connect with their loved ones has empowered us to develop the world’s best eye tracking hardware and software.

Many insurance companies will pay for a portion of this device if you go through the proper channels.

What a User says about Eyegaze:

"I can read books using Kindle, listen to music, email, surf the web, play games, and more. I am once again my old self. Without it I would be a prisoner in my body, with it I am the same smart guy I used to be, with the exception of being paralyzed."

Curt from Michigan

Hanger Clinic

 Nationwide
8522 Summa Avenue
Baton Rouge

With over 800 locations across the country, we create customized solutions—including state-of-the-art prostheses, braces, supports, cranial helmets, and other devices—designed to help you live your best life. Our commitment is to listen to you, get to know you as a person, and do everything we can to help you achieve your potential.

There are 15 clinics in Louisiana


 Nationwide
Nation Wide

Kalogon’s founding team , made up of former SpaceX engineers, came together with local wheelchair users to develop their first product, Orbiter and continues to innovate. It took three years to develop Orbiter, and during this time the Kalogon team partnered with local wheelchair users, spinal cord injury clinics, and nursing homes to understand the needs around seating.

Louisiana Relay

 Nationwide
Baton Rouge

Louisiana Relay is available at no cost, 24 hours a day, every day – making it possible for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking to communicate over the telephone.

Hamilton Relay provides telecommunications relay services for the state of Louisiana including TTY, Voice Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech (STS), Visually Assisted Speech-to-Speech (VA STS), and Spanish.

Dial 711 to use Hamilton Relay in Louisiana.

Matia Mobility

 Nationwide
1929 S 4130 W, Suite A

Matia Mobility is reimagining mobility for people with walking disabilities. The all new Tek RMD M1 is a revolutionary mobility platform that makes it possible to independently and safely sit, stand and navigate environments that were once inaccessible, indoor and outdoor, and all at eye level.

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