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BIALA Resource Guide for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

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14 Castle Hill

Wheelpad: Our goal is to respectfully and supportively provide transitional housing for Veterans, those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, those with debilitating illnesses such as ALS or MS, those who want to age in place, and others newly needing accessible living accommodations in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.

All WheelPad models (PADs, or personal accessible dwellings) are universally accessible, exceeding requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Standard features are designed for people with mobility challenges to live, work, and play more easily. All PADs include a hoist track compatible with most lifts on the market for ease of movement from the sleeping area to the accessible bathroom. All bathrooms are wet rooms, with plenty of room for a wheelchair and allowing for washing assistance if needed.

Kelly Brush Foundation

Three Main Street, Suite 105
(802) 846-5298

Mission is to inspire and empower people with spinal cord injuries to lead active and engaged lives.

We offer the inspiration to believe and the grants to enable anyone to buy the equipment they need to get out and go.

The Active Fund offers grants for adaptive sports equipment.

For more information, email or call 802-846-5298.

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